Bridget and her Dark Side Minions
(plural minions)
Meaning: A loyal servant of another, usually more powerful being.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


In the Society for Creative Anachronism I'm generally known as Bridget. I am a laurel in calligraphy and Illumination and was apprenticed to Meister Harold von Auerbach. I have 2  3 apprentices. Lady Ailitha de Ainwyk (Dark Side Minion #1) and Lady Gunhild von Brunswiek (Dark Side Minion #2) and now Lady Saraswati has been added to the cast of minions.

Apprentice #1 has vanished. That is to say real life swept her off her feet in the form of a man and a job and so on and I don't see her a whole lot but that's okay, she knows where I am and when she needs me I'll be there. Since I did the exact same thing to my Master I can't complain.

Apprentice #2, namely Lady Gunhild,  has a whole lot more to teach me than I her since she's a garb
 and embroidery goddess and isn't really into calligraphy. So why you ask is she a DSM? Good question.

The main reason is because I asked if she wanted to be my apprentice and she said yes. The second main reason is that she's shy and while I can be mostly I'm not. Mostly I like the fact that I get to show off her amazing work and because I have a leafy hat that I occasionally wear more people take notice, which they should because she is AMAZING! So...I figure I can help her on the way to being seen and noticed a whole lot more and this is one way of doing it.

This blog is about my apprentices and their work because what they do is amazing and it should be shared with the world.

Minion#2 was given a task. Make me a hat because I, being the really bad example of a peer, tend to go about hatless and she had a really cool hat at Double wars. Yesterday presents arrived by mail and they included the hat ( she gets cookies for completing task #1)  and a surprise for me which was thrilling. The surprise being a bag. Not just any bag either, a gorgeous embroidered linen bag with a lovely silk lining.

Now eventually I will get Gunhild to explain the ins and outs of these items but for now feast your eyes on her lovely work


  1. Beautiful work! Good thing you're showing off DSM #2!

  2. oh there will be a lot more stuff of hers to show once I get more organised and get more pictures.