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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Minion #2 The Shirt

Gunhild has been working on a shirt for her husband. It's gorgeous. When she gets some time I will get her to write up about it for the clothing clueless among us ( me) and for the rest of you garb loving history buffs - enjoy.

Blogger seems to have copied the facebook picture viewer so to see details right click on the image and hit"view image" then you can go in and get closer details.

Gusset 1

The collar embroidery

Seam - left side

the whole shirt

sleeve and cuff embroidery

So as promised: From Gunhild.

The shirt pattern is similar to the pattern of the shirt worn by Nils Sture (1567, Upsala Cathedral). The details of the pattern are taken from Janet Arnold, Patterns of Fashion 4 and adapted to my husband’s size.
I have made some changes:
The neckband is not that high as in the original. I have adapted it to the collar height of the doublets the shirt will be worn with.
Collar and wristbands are decorated with blackwork embroidery as it can be seen on many paintings of the time.
The neck and sleeve ruffles are shorter. The neck ruffle is 2,80 m long and the sleeve ruffles are 2,10 m each.
The edges of every part are hemmed with a hem stitch, and the parts are sewn together with an open insertion made of buttonhole stitches.
Linen fabric. The fabric taken for the ruffles is much finer, so that it can be laid in small pleats to make the ruffle look very full but at the same time achieve nice pleats.
The collar and wristbands are interlined with a fine white cotton fabric to give them a better stand.
For the seams, I have taken a linen yarn. The blackwork embroidery is made with a cotton yarn (MEZ), which I happened to have at home when I started the embroidery.

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